Happy new year 2017

Welcome to the website of the 2nd Tactical Training Squadron operating within the Mixed Wing Sliač. Through our website we will bring you closer to the squadron´s life, its history, main missions, news and its photo gallery. As the website is still under construction, it is quite probable that some small imperfections will appear. We would appreciate if you let us know about any of them via our email.

The 2nd Squadron provides basic and follow-on combat training. Pilots undergo training in simple flying techniques, navigation flights, aerobatic and more complex flying maneuvers, formation flights or flights to destroy air and ground targets using the forward air controllers (FAC).

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The Squadron consists of HQ element, Squadron Staff and two flights. The Squadron Staff is made up of a chief of staff, executive non-commissioned officer and administrative officer. Deputy commanders for Aviation Engineering Service are subordinate members of specialist teams for armaments, radio and electric systems, repairs, technical support and flying simulator operation. Squadron flights are made up of flight commanders, aircraft commanders, senior pilots, pilots, flight technicians, senior technicians and technicians.

Average number of flight hours per pilot per year is 60 hours.

Dear fans of flying, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website dedicated to flying, combat planes and people who are permanently attracted to a smell of burned jet fuel. The following pages are about people and for people who succumbed to the passion for flying either professionally or as an object of interest. As a Squadron Commander responsible for the flying personnel I know how important is to be surrounded by trustworthy people you can rely on. I am very happy to have such people in the flying and technical staff of the 2nd Squadron and I am proud to be their commander. I would like to express my thanks to all of you for your selfless work and dedication to your professional commitments.

My thanks also go to all of you, enthusiasts and fans of the flying, for your unceasing interest and support we as the 2nd Squadron members are very pleased with, for it reflects the quality of the work we do.

I do hope that the fans of flying will find the website interesting and will please us with their frequent returns.

In conclusion, let me use a well-know air force phrase as a wish for all of us:

“May all the takeoffs be followed by happy landings…“

pplk. Roman POLÁČEK

former squadron leader